My painting practice explores the representations of landscapes through devised systems. Through collating information from ‘my places’ I have developed a practical process where I synthesise or organise information using specific criteria.  By gathering material about a site from tidal charts, maps and my own photography, I aim to explore the term ‘landscape’ through abstract and mixed media paintings. My intention is to create a representation of the place as a whole, rather than a static viewpoint. Information is gathered from both the physical geography of the location and the impact of the forces that impose themselves onto it, alongside the visual landmarks and shapes found directly within the landscape. I am interested in how similarities occur across different modes of representation and how the same place can be represented in multiple ways.

I look at seascapes; the cycle of the tides causes a constant change and reinvention across a matter of hours. The landscape never looks the same as each wave washes away the previous and a constant shifting takes place. This continuous movement is echoed in my painting process as I utilise elements of chance and the unexpected through my application of paint. The creation of texture is the result of the drying process of the paint and its application, evident across the paintings in different consistencies.

My paintings are strategic reactions to each next move of my painting process. Each mark is a reaction to the previous in a highly composed process resulting in a tension between the analytical and the gestural.

I title works using the terminology from tidal charts, cartography and the weather.  The titles act as a gateway for the viewer to understand the origin of the information sourced, synthesised and applied.  Alongside the systematic representation of landscape and seascape, the physical materiality and characteristics of paint act constantly as vital interruption to any organisational approach.  The materiality of my paintings and utilising the characteristics of my paint is just as much a part of the final outcome as the inspiration from seascapes.


Solo/Group Exhibitions and Awards

2020, ‘Freelands Painting Prize’ Nominee for Bath School of Art and Design

2019, 14th May, ‘Second Year Fine Art Students End of Year Celebration’ Group Exhibition, Bath School of Art and Design

2018, 21st May – 28th May 2019, Pull Series (Solo),  Waterhouse Hotel, Bath

2018, BSU Vice Chancellor Welcome Exhibition (Group), Newton Park House

2017, 10th July-14th July, Class of 2017 Foundation Diploma in Art and Design Show (Group), Barton Peveril Sixth Form College



BA (Hons) Fine Art, Bath Spa University (2017-to date)

Foundation Diploma in Art & Design, UAL Level 4, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College (2016-2017)

A Level, Art: Fine Art, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College (2014-2016)

A Level, Art: Photography, Barton Peveril Sixth Form College (2014-2016)


Relevant Work Experience

Art Teaching Assistant, Henry Cort Community College, 7th-11th May 2018

Art Teacher, Whiteley Primary School, July 2017 (1 week), July 2016 (1 week)

Teaching/Classroom Assistant (Art), Whiteley Primary School, June 2013 (2 weeks)